Motivation doesn’t last…

... but neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily. - Zig Ziglar
The same thing can be said about inspiration and creativity. So this is a blog about things that inspire me (and, hopefully, you!), that motivate me or help me motivate myself and things that I create... Or things others create and that inspire me. You get the drift.

The Latest

A (latest) Trip to Stockholm

Last weekend, my friend C and I went to Stockholm. Since my sister lives there, I've been to Stockholm (and Sweden in general) a few times already, but C had never been. And because we both have full-time jobs, we only went for an extended weekend and … [Read More...]

The best gift I know to give

A friend of mine is embarking on a world trip in a couple of weeks. And not just any trip: The kind of trip that will be live changing. She's sold most of her belongings and she will only take a single bag with her. One she hopes to use as hand luggage … [Read More...]

Good-Bye Old Never-Friends

How many Facebook friends do you have? On your personal profile I mean. Before today, I had 135. From what I understand, that number is pretty low. And yet, it still was too high for me. I'm on a mission to make my online life a bit easier, to … [Read More...]